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Addie's "Party Like an Animal" Party

Let's Get WILD and Party Like an ANIMAL! My daughter is obsessed with Big Cats... Like Carol Baskins and Tiger King have nothing on her... She wanted to do a Safari Jungle and Big Cat Party. I couldn't believe all the girls came totally prepared and dressed the part. Have you ever seen so much leopard print in one room?

I told her prior to the party that I wouldn't be able to incorporate any real baby leopards or tigers but if she wanted to just make it an animal party I could possibly get a petting zoo and pony, hence the Party like an Animal theme. Being an avid animal lover she immediately agreed. Big Red Pony Parties totally came through and brought us an amazing full sized horse and petting zoo. The kids loved all the animals.

For food Addie wanted burgers aka meat... what else would a big cat want to eat. Since throwing a party is stressful enough we decided on ordering out small slider sized burgers from Millers Ale House. We stuck cute little toothpicks in them to dress them up a bit. We also had a salad, fruit, a lion veggie platter, chips, animal crackers with Funfetti dip (to die for good) and of course safari leaf and leopard print cookies and pretzels as well as animal print donuts (Addie doesn't care for cake). We got the donuts at Donut Patch in Oviedo and Addie's fabulous Mimi made all the other beautiful goodies.

For Drinks we did water and lemonade at the "Watering Hole". We had an adult beverage station as well but had to move everything inside due to the incredibly hot weather.

adult drinks, safari party, wine, beer, party animal
Party Like An Animal

When the kids arrived they had to pick a PARTY animal to adopt. Once they chose their beanie boo they could name it and fill out it's certificate of adoption. Next, they created a cute little house for it. I found the boxes on Amazon and they were super reasonably priced. Lastly, they made it a collar and matching bracelet for themselves out of pipe cleaners and beads.

Party Animal, Beanie Boo, Adopt
Adopt A Party Animal

After the cuties did their crafts they played some games. My husband turned our corn hole game into a giant cat and they had to feed the cat by tossing the bean bags into its mouth. The team who fed it the most food, won. They also played animal tag which is essentially freeze tag but with a monkey that could unfreeze them as well. Lastly, they played zoo keepers (aka dads) versus "big cat" tug of war. It was best 2 out of 3 and you should have seen those big cats ROAR when they won!

The kids favorite part was Duchess, this beautiful horse from Big Red Pony Farm. They took turns riding her around the yard and feeding her apples. They had several other cute little animals including goats, chicks, a bunny and a pony. The kids had a petting all the cute animals and even got to paint the pony.

Big Cat Party, Wild, Animal Party, Safari, Jungle
Lets Get Wild

Afterward we all gathered around Addie and prayed over her and the food. Then we sang happy birthday and had dinner and donuts. She opened her presents and of course in true Addie fashion we ended with an epic dance party!

I love documenting my kiddos birthday parties. So much hard work and planning goes into them, it's so special to get to look back and remember the sweet details from the day. Hopefully it might be of some help to someone else planning for a similar type party as well and looking for resources or ideas. =)

Let's Get Wild Banner- or

Balloon Arch with leaves- Amazon

Animal Homes-

Horse and Petting Zoo- Red Pony Parties

Custom Donuts- Donut Patch

Green Streamers - Target

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